FREE Online Docu-Series “Christ Revealed: The History. The Evidence. The Inspiration”

Do you have questions about the life and validity of Jesus Christ? Whether you are a believer or non-believer follow a journey around the world, meeting over 25 historians, biblical scholars and philosophers gathered during one monumental 9-part FREE online docuseries coming November 7th. Many have sought to oppose Christ’s existence and have instead proven his life. “CHRIST REVEALED: The History. The Evidence. The Inspiration.
You’ll see how scientific and historical facts add up to prove that Christ was, indisputably, who he claimed to be. In a world where faith is increasingly devalued, this series offers a fresh look at the life and teachings of Christ as well as sound spiritual and scientific answers to some of the most pressing questions facing humanity.
Christ Revealed brings to life the history of Jesus like never before. Walk in the sacred footsteps of Jesus during his ministry. Hear from the best scholars in the world on this subject.
We’ll visit the sites of some of the Savior’s most powerful miracles, and discover astonishing facts that prove without a doubt the existence of Christ.
In these challenging times of pain and conflict, from Christ Revealed a message of hope and inspiration emerges. No matter what your faith, this documentary will serve as guiding light in your life.
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