BioCharger™ NG Review at OMNI Balanced Life Center

My passion for investigating, learning, and sharing holistic options to live a cleaner, and more toxic free life will sometimes take me to an invention that will stretch the mind and the body! This time, it has taken me into the quantum world of subtle energy for cellular stimulation produced by three forms of voltage energy through technology and it is completely fascinating!

Is it possible to marry holistic health with new, innovative technology? Perhaps it is already there, we are just learning how to tap into it now. We are so marvelously made that we are only beginning to touch the surface of the nature of our being. There is a belief that with the awareness and acceptance of how we and the world we live in is created in beautiful harmony, amazing precision of mathematical geometry, with complete distinct patterns and deep connections to what we cannot see; that we will be able to better heal ourselves naturally and reach our true potential.

So how do we access this potential and what is frequency anyway? It all begins with energy. Energy is the core substance of everything in the universe. Without energy, there would be no life because life needs energy to fuel its existence. The energy that created our time matrix and universe has a unique ability that allows it to have infinite expression. This infinite expression is achieved through vibrational frequency. Vibrational frequency plays an important role in the creation of our physical reality, because it allows energy to express itself into any form, including molecules, atoms, planets, stars, biological life and even diseases. To be more specific, every biological or non-biological thing has a unique energy signature that vibrates at certain frequencies. Understanding how energy frequency works is important for your well-being, because when your energy isn’t vibrating correctly, you are more vulnerable to diseases.

You can actually see the results of frequency on its environment. Watch these amazing results of different frequency settings using salt on a metal plate with a tone generator.

In 1988 a fellow by the name of Jim Girard followed his passion to pursue the application of subtle energy technologies started by Nicola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, and Alexander Gurwitsch to accomplish what they had believed were the key to restoring health and wellness. Shortly thereafter, Girard seized a unique opportunity to study and conduct research with Orville Fitz, a former protégé of Tesla in his later years. Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC was formed in 2013, after years of models and revisions were developing into what we know of now as the BioCharger™ NG. The BioCharger™ NG is a patented subtle energy revitalization platform for therapy that safely and precisely controls and produces energy fields that can restore the natural voltage in our bodies. It is the world’s first software based, solid state, mobile & cloud compatible high voltage multi-frequency, resonant transformer (modified Tesla Coil; more on that later) that wirelessly and simultaneously transmits pulsed waves of electromagnetic, electrodynamic (or high voltage energy) and photonic energy. Restoring the optimal voltage at the cellular level stimulates and invigorates the entire body to improve potential health, wellness and athletic performance. According to the company, each of these energy components have been associated with health and healing in their own right, but now we have the opportunity to experience the benefits in combination. When our cells are at the proper voltage our bodies start to function the way it should. The company states the benefits of using the BioCharger™ NG show energy revitalization, mind and body focus improvements, sleep benefits, flexibility, and also performance measures, recovery benefits whether from a workout, an injury, stress, or the bumps and bruises of everyday life, the BioCharger™ NG platform will allow you a quicker bounce-back.

Thanks to OMNI Balanced Life Center’s Founder, Jamie Kliewe, I had the opportunity to experience these three types of drug-free, energy therapies produced by the BioCharger™ NG firsthand during a 30 minute session with her. I also happen to be recovering from a sickness, so this was a perfect time for me to really test out the machine and see if my recovery would improve since it was lingering This BioCharger™ NG is only available in certain wellness centers at this time, and as of now it is the only one in all of Southwest Florida and perhaps farther.

Watch my review video here:

How does it work?

I sat in a comfortable chair about 3 feet away from the BioCharger™ NG as Jamie set the specific “recipe” for me based on her assessment of my needs. She set it for 1 of the pre-populated settings called “Wellness Assist” and we sat there relaxing and soaking in the frequency. My anticipation was high as you sit there wondering what is going on and what is happening with the sound, light and energy. Mobile electronics will not work near the BioCharger™ NG, so there is no video of the experience so I will try to explain it the best I can.

The machine works through light, sound and frequency. The visible light component energizes a unique combination of 12 noble and inert gases which in turn, radiate photonic energy. These Gas Plasma Tubes (Visible Light Component) are energized via pulsed EMF at specific frequencies used for light therapy (non thermal). When the light is pulsed, it changes the way in which the light penetrates the body. The frequency setting for me emitted a red to orange glow which is pleasant to see. The machine generates a high voltage discharge which in turn creates ionization in the room. Ozone is used to boost oxygenation of the cells which is transported by red blood cells to the entire body to be used to produce energy. You will see the high voltage at the top of the machine presenting something like little, purple, lightning bolts. Then there is the sound therapy which is more difficult to explain. It is not a song. It is a tone produced in kHz (kilohertz), but it changes throughout the session to go along with the frequency changes and the recipe given for the client. The sound therapy produces various harmonics changes as the pulsed frequency changes. It sounds a bit like this:

After a few minutes you actually may begin to feel a tingling on your skin and feel the energy almost like a light static electricity. Since I came to use the BioCharger™ after I had been down with a nasty sickness, it was amazing that I felt the energy concentrated most in the areas where I was still recovering from the sickness. I felt the sound and frequency in my right ear and it felt like my congested ear was opening up. The energy along with the sound therapy felt like it was going from the left side of my brain to the right side brain and back and forth as it changed. I also felt the energy in my chest. I had a persistent, lingering cough since being sick and after my session the weight of the sickness in my chest eased and there was definite relief within the next 24 hours. I definitely experienced a parasympathetic response as I felt more calm, cool and collected after the session. I tend to have my sympathetic nervous response on the most as I have been a “flight or fight” kind of person. The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) controls homeostasis and the body at rest and is responsible for the body’s “rest and digest” function. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) controls the body’s responses to a perceived threat and is responsible for the “fight or flight” response. The PNS and SNS are part of the ANS, or autonomic nervous system which is responsible for the involuntary functions of the human body. I can now distinctly feel the difference of these two nervous system responses as I have been undergoing acupuncture treatment to retrain my body to balance out these autonomic nervous system responses. You want to have a balance. You do not want one system taking over the other. This can lead to health issues. Be sure to watch my video review to hear the change in my voice and demeanor!

As previously mentioned, this subtle energy revitalization platform (SERP) was based on the combination of legacy technology discoveries years ago by Nicola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, and Alexander Gurwitsch as found on the BioCharger™ company website

High Frequency Disruptive Coil Design – Nikola Tesla

Among the obvious applications for the wireless transmission of energy, such as broadcasting power or information, Tesla was interested in therapeutic applications in the field of human health as well. At the time Tesla was experimenting with his Tesla coils, physicians were exploring the usage of electrical devices in the treatment of various ailments. It was within this environment that Tesla published in 1898 “High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes”, a paper that he submitted to the 8th annual meeting of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association [1]. In this paper, Tesla correctly concluded that “bodily tissues are condensers” or capacitors, and he felt that his coil treatment “was certainly beneficial.”

Tesla coils have: higher frequencies, even higher voltages, the primary and secondary inducting coils are reversed, and the coils are also wound quite differently.

However, this design was co-opted by many manufacturers who incorporated it as a power source for glass electrodes containing various noble gases. It became popularly known as a ‘violet ray device,’ because of the brilliant purple glow that emanated from argon gas vacuum tubes wired in series to these coils. Dozens of different types of glass electrodes were manufactured for different uses, and built into violet ray device sets. These annealed glass tubes were constructed under low vacuum and filled with different noble gasses that became excited by the electrical output, to glow in different colors depending upon the gas used. For example, neon gas vacuum tubes glowed red. Electrified noble gases when pulsed become ionized or excited. This pulsing causes the electrons to move initially from lower energy orbital states to higher energy orbital states. Cycling back to the lower state causes the electrons to emit light at various frequencies as well as photons, including spectral emissions within the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) ranges. Many researchers have stated that a wide variety of conditions or illnesses can be improved or cured by the use of these devices. In the past these small devices became very popular for home use, while large units were utilized by physicians to treat many ailments.

The Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator – Possibly invented by Tesla?

One of the researchers who continued Tesla’s line of investigations and extended electro-therapeutic theory was Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian émigré, who is famous for inventing the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO). However, Christopher Bird, the author of The Secret Life of Plants and as well as other books, described the Russian-born Frenchman as seeming to have been an associate of, or a colleague of Tesla [2]. In fact, it is quite possible that the MWO is more Tesla’s invention than Lakhovsky’s. There is an account that states that in 1931 after initial failures, Lakhovsky requested Tesla to come to Paris to assist him in creating an effective MWO. It appears that the designs for the MWO were laid out in Tesla’s own 1898 paper on “High Frequency Oscillators for Electrotherapeutic and Other Purposes” [1]. But Lakhovsky MWO sellers claim that Lakhovsky developed the MWO in the 1920s in Paris, France for use in cancer clinics there. In 1925 he did publish a paper titled “Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies” in Radio News [3]. However, his first operational MWO did use a powerful Tesla coil and two spark gaps; so while he may have designed an antenna system with different sized rings to broadcast the radiofrequency output of the Tesla coil, it may be that Tesla came up with the general design but did not pursue it. Remarkable results were obtained from a seven week clinical trial performed at a major New York City hospital and that of a prominent Brooklyn urologist in the summer of 1941. As a result of the research done by Lakhovsky and others interested in electrotherapeutic transformers using Tesla coils and alternating current at radio frequencies, some interesting and convincing cases were documented and reported. For example, by September 6, 1932, a Dr. Gustave Kolischer announced “Tesla’s high-frequency electrical currents are bringing about highly beneficial results in dealing with cancer, surpassing anything that could be accomplished with ordinary surgery” at a seminar presented by the American Congress of Physical Therapy, held in New York.


Tesla, N (1898 ) “High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes,” The Electrical Engineer, Vol. XXVI, No. 550, Nov. 17, p.477

Bird, Christopher. “The Politics Of Science: A Background On Energy Medicine,” Energetic Processes: Interaction Between Matter, Energy & Consciousness, Volume I, Xlibris Press, Philadelphia, 2001, p. 226

Lakhovsky, Georges. “Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies,” Radio News, February, 1925, p. 1282-1283

The Rife Component – Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

“During the 1920’s and 30’s, Rife reportedly achieved astounding accomplishments in medicine and biology. He first invented and built five novel optical microscopes that allowed him to observe viruses in live cells and tissue cultures. Rife’s second major accomplishment was to invent numerous variable frequency flashing light ultrasound transmitters that could devitalize pathogens, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi.

You can find out more about Rife at and

The LIGHT Component – Alexander Gurwitsch

The therapeutic value of light and color therapy has been investigated since before the turn of the last century. Notable researchers of the period who influenced development of the BioCharger NG include Alexander Gurwitsch, among others. Cells emit ‘mitogenetic radiation’ that have biological effects

In 1922, a Russian biophysicist, Alexander Gurwitsch, demonstrated an interesting optical phenomenon associated with cells; a phenomenon he called ‘mitogenetic radiation.’ Gurwitsch showed that adjacent cells could be stimulated to divide optically by endogenous UV radiation generated by cells in optical contact with them. These emissions, sometimes referred to as Gurwitsch rays, have the property of stimulating growth and cellular activity. It is possible that some of the beneficial effect of excited noble gases may be due to [ultra-]violet rays resembling mitogenetic radiation. Based on his own work Dr. Tom Bearden (Phd. Nuclear Engineer,) stated that infrared (IR) Gurwitsch radiation stimulated cellular mitochondria as the subcellular target responsible for the subsequent growth phenomena.

Papers available online by Gurwitsch include the following:

One question I had for Jamie was to point out the difference between the Biofeedback machine and the BioCharger™ NG. Biofeedback technology is commonly seen in holistic health now and is the therapy uses thermal biofeedback to measure skin temperature, electromyography to measure muscle tension, and neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback to measure brain wave activity. Biofeedback is a lower pulsed frequency which is used commonly as an assessment tool. The BioCharger™ is used beyond the assessment to actually stimulate for health at a cellular level.

The BioCharger™ NG can even be used daily, and you can purchase one yourself, although it comes with a price tag of $12,990! In Southwest Florida we are very fortunate to have OMNI Balanced Life Center at the forefront of this revolutionary technology and holistic method of treatment available for their clients. You can find them at to schedule an appointment and on Facebook at Be sure to let them know Clean Living Connection sent you! 😉 I certainly look forward to going back and experiencing other “recipe’s” for wellness!

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