So why did I start using Organic & Toxic-Free Products?  What’s the big deal?? Well here is my story. My why…

When I was pregnant at the late age of 39 I began to notice that things of this world are not so healthy or harmless as they claim to be. So I began to pay attention to ingredients in foods & products.  I ate the healthiest pregnant that I ever did in my entire life. Then in March of 2011 I had my precious daughter & it hit me like a ton of bricks!! “All of a sudden I was ultimately responsible for this perfect little person.”  A few months later I read my first report from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics on Toxicity levels & known cancer causing ingredients in common, well known children’s products. I was shocked & disgusted to find out that these so called ‘trusted’ baby products use cancer causing ingredients such as the use of Formaldehyde, & the potential threat some of the synthetic ingredients cause to a precious baby’s skin with allergens. Some of these ingredients are even banned in many other countries but in the USA however, these companies had continued to put them on the shelves & promote to families.

I am not claiming to be a health nut but when it comes to my daughter I have made it a mission to give her the best & healthiest start in life!  I did not grow up knowing what harmful ingredients were or the benefits to using Organic & ToxicFree® products. But I have educated myself & I will continue to do so every day. I have learned the different names used to mask the toxic ingredients in products. I have stood in the grocery store for hours reading labels. I have tried numerous products & learned to use all available resources. To top all that off, I needed to find products that wouldn’t break the bank! And let me tell you, this was NO SMALL TASK!

I am a Mom On a Mission to educate & share SAFER, BETTER alternatives for our loved ones & our home.

Cheers to Happy & Healthy Families! God Bless!

~ Jill, Simon & Emma




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