Clean Approved Companies

I am constantly on the lookout to provide friends and family cleaner, safer options in skin care, makeup, baby products, essential oils, household cleaning products and nutritional supplements. Through using my extensive knowledge of discerning labels and ingredients and knowing how to use third party resources, I have been building a list of approved companies that I feel meet the highest level of transparency and clean ingredients available on the market. I can spot the “fuzzy buzz words” that make consumers believe the products are of purity when perhaps they might not have the cleanest ingredients, and I realized consumers need help! I only want to put my name behind the very best so that is where my list was built. This list may grow and change. I like to keep an open mind to new products and companies and look forward to investigating more cleaner companies that hold the same mission so dear to my heart. And no, I will not and do not personally sell everything on my list, but some just make perfect sense to add to my business repertoire. So shop with confidence!

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