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Socks?? Well it helps to start with my story so you can understand how and why I am an advocate for this innovative, drug-free product. My story began after years of struggling and learning on my own how to remove harmful toxic chemicals from my home and away from my family for a healthier lifestyle, I created Clean Living Connection LLC and Concierge Services. My clients become free from the cumbersome time, burden and stress of attempting to go at it alone. Through discovery, assessment, and a personalized plan of action, I meet my clients, where their needs and desires are specific to a cleaner, more toxic free home, in a simple concise time-frame with ongoing support options. I bring education, my constant pursuit of learning, and awareness of quality alternatives to personalize each plan of action in a judgement free zone to help my clients reach their goals and to reduce toxic overload that we are all faced with daily. I conduct educational lectures and joint programs with holistic professionals to share the good news of clean, toxic free living, as well as run exclusive online social communities “where it’s cool to be clean.” I also have the knowledge to connect clients with natural and alternative means to transform their homes and live less toxic.  With my unique business and personal mission I have been featured in Naples Daily News,, numerous magazines and online blogs as well as the ABWA Naples Chapter Woman of the Year 2016
Through my discovery and analytics I have uncovered the cleanest, most toxic free products available on the market and engage in ongoing investigation for options for my clients. This has lead me to many advanced, unique product lines including representing, the innovative, tactile wearable neurotechnology of a privately held company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance; which is right in line with my passion.  Through my testimonies from clients (see below), these products are showing that they enhance quality of life with a natural, safe solution to include more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility. In fact the $3 million of Research and Development (copyright protected in over 185 countries worldwide) these groundbreaking socks and insoles show conservatively via the following independent study and testing results:
  • over 95% of subjects saw a significant reduction in pain after 1 week of usage; 
  • Improved Balance & Stability with a life-changing +31% increase;  
  • Velocity of Force records at a +17% increase; 
  • More Power at a +22% increase, 
  • More Range of Motion improving performance at a +15% increase; and 
  • More Eccentric Force at a + 17% increase.
  • In fact, Foot Pain Relief (also tested as “Diabetic Neuropathy”) for 1,000 participants tested… 980 experienced significant pain relief.

In fact some results are instantaneous such as balance and stability for many people. So instantaneous that I record the lateral and dynamic stability and balance tests because you can watch it positively affect people with your own eyes. Take a look at some testimonials below! 

Meet Denise. Denise has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for years. Multiple sclerosis (or MS) is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system (CNS) which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. Symptoms may be mild, such as numbness in the limbs; or severe, such as paralysis or loss of vision. The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS are unpredictable and vary from one person to another. And I get to help Denise simply by showing her socks and insoles. The biggest breakthrough in neurostimulation & drug-free wellness CLEARLY, and I am moved to tears!  Pay close attention to Denise’s reactions as well!…

My friend Donna, who is a nurse and has to endure being on her feet at the hospital for long periods of time.

Meet Shannon. This is her testimony:
“I live with chronic pain and fatigue. I’ve had 12 pelvic surgeries and have had my feet rebuilt with metal plates. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Reflex Sympatic Dystrophy and was considering Ketamine Comas through a clinic in Clearwater, FL. I’m so glad I pushed through and was delivered from that and “downgraded” to a fibromyalgia. I was on continuous Morphine. I was in a wheelchair, used a walker or a cane, and a shower chair. I was existing in a body that was trying to kill me. Two years ago, I had a radical pelvic reconstruction and hysterectomy. Then my six inch incision exploded. Then I got an infection. I went through it all while caring for my babies. Recovery has long and HARD. I was on so many medications. One day, I said enough and over the last year I have gotten off of nearly every prescription! I have tried so many different prescriptions, supplements, injections, surgeries, being a patient in a pain management clinic, acupuncture, doctors, TENS units, chiropractic care, massage therapy, specialists, physics therapy, dietary changes, heating pads, trigger point injections…. you name it. Most of my rehabilitation has come from chiropractic care, physical therapy, and dietary changes. Very little traditional means and medicines have helped. ALL of my healing is from God. Today, I am immensely better! I have come SO FAR!!!!! But I’m still weak. I still have pain every second of the day. My version of fibromyalgia is definitely nerve related and likely a result of the repeated surgeries. I can best describe what I feel by asking people to look at a model of the Nervous System. Now. Shock it with electricity. And don’t turn the electricity off… ever; but, do crank it up randomly and for no reason. Then set it all on fire. 
I have also asked people who want to understand how I feel to tense up their entire body as tight as they can for as long as they can. Wait for the burn. Release. Repeat. That’s what my body feels like all the time at varying degrees of severity. And that exhaustion your body feels after doing that explains my chronic fatigue and residual “hangover” pain even if my nerves or not flaring up. My friend, Jill Dixon, told me about the neurotech. I understand the neurotechnology from my own countless hours of research but was clueless how to implement it for myself. I told her to order me two pairs of the socks immediately!

I finally met up with her and Simon, her husband, today and I am so truly blown away by this technology!!!! I cannot even describe the immediate reaction my body experienced. I was having a “high pain” day and my body is completely exhausted. I could melt into the floor and sleep for about four days. I can’t describe how my stability changed in words, so I am so thankful we did a video (even if I do look like a hot mess). When you have proper stability, your body can spend its energy on other things it needs to do. You just have to watch. Thank you to Jill for introducing me to this powerful technology!” 

Shannon after 10 hours of wearing her new socks: “The most immediately remarkable thing, outside the stability, so far is that RIGHT NOW I am laying in bed and my feet are not stinging in pain from neuropathy. I can FEEL the circulation in them! My toes aren’t ice and they don’t feel like they have a million needles in them because they are actually getting blood flow. (No, it’s not just because I have “socks” on. Don’t you think I’ve tried that a thousand times with regular socks and traditional compression socks already? C’Mon!) Now, y’all know I had vascular surgery in both legs at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 to improve circulation and repair nerve damage. I had *some* physical improvement (immense improvement in appearance, so still worth it) but it doesn’t hold a candle next to actually having blood in my toes. Besides freezing and needles and knives sensations, I’ve not felt my toes in MANY years! I CAN FEEL MY FEET AND THEY ARE NOT SCREAMING IN PAIN!!!!!. I have had the socks on for ten hours.” 

Watch her reaction as she is moved to tears….

Yolette has experienced wonderful relief: “I’m great. I feel like a baby that needs to have her blanket all the time! The socks feel so good. I’ve been able to stay standing more often at work! I also sleep with them!” See below…

These are only a handful of the thousands of people these socks and/or insoles are changing lives. Stay tuned for more and additional blogs about the science behind the technology! Want to find out more about how it can help you? Visit and order at Also connect with me on Instagram at @SolePowerful, my Facebook page:, and YouTube Channel:


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